WordPress plugin: Track ChatGPT Hits

Due to high demand I decided to make a user friendly version of tracking known OpenAI bot hits. This WordPress plugin tracks URL requests by the ChatGPT / OpenAI bots and direct user actions by tracking request made by specific user agents.

You can download the plugin at https://www.notprovided.eu/area51/track-chatgpt-v_1_0.zip – You can simply upload the folder track-chatgpt to your plugin directory via sFTP or use the WordPress plugin interface to upload the ZIP.

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Dealing with user intent in a time where Google depends on AI – SMX Advanced Berlin 2023

During the core updates Google rolls out every year, SEOs often discuss the impact of vague concepts like EEAT, content relevancy and the number of external links. In many cases the reason of loosing visibility in search engines is simple: Google interpreted a search query different, causing a shift in conceived user intent. Target pages do not align with the intended user intent, hence dropping out of the top 5.

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Search Seekers – How to keep growing organic traffic for already well ranking websites

During Searchseekers.de I shared 10 #SEO tactics I use for websites that already rank well but have plenty of opportunities to grow. Any questions? Feel free to comment or DM!

1. Are you actually properly indexed?
2. Pruning your non valuable content
3. Examine the index strategies
4. Using Internal link value effectively
5. Crawl based optimization
6. Scaling content: covering all search intents
7. Focus on other Google based channels
8. Using subdomains effectively
9. Multi domain strategy
10. Utilizing communities