WordPress plugin: Track ChatGPT Hits

Due to high demand I decided to make a user friendly version of tracking known OpenAI bot hits. This WordPress plugin tracks URL requests by the ChatGPT / OpenAI bots and direct user actions by tracking request made by specific user agents.

You can download the plugin at https://www.notprovided.eu/area51/track-chatgpt-v_1_0.zip – You can simply upload the folder track-chatgpt to your plugin directory via sFTP or use the WordPress plugin interface to upload the ZIP.

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Adding non-standard search engines to track with Google Analytics

Since Google is only tracking 40 search engines by default, a lot of organic traffic is ending up as referral traffic. Especially if you are dealing with international SEO campaigns, it is important to have data available from country specific search engines. As a world wide e-commerce website you really want to be able to filter your data per country specific engine because there are a lot of differences between them. That will also mean that the value of that traffic will be unique. Enough reasons to configure your Google Analytics tracking code in the right way.

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