Optimising Google’s Knowledge Graph – #SMX Munich

Many of you will have notices the search engine result pages are currently containing more elements compared to a few years back. Not only 10 blue links, accompanied with 3 to 10 AdWords advertisements but for many queries we are getting additional regarding the query. These additional cards are a result of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Not familiar with the concept Knowledge graph? Just ask Google: “The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by Google to enhance its search engine’s results with semantic-search information gathered from a wide variety of sources.”

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Recap of Friends of Search Amsterdam #fos15

Friends of Search Amsterdam

My Friends of Search started the evening before, with catching up with some of my search buddies I’ve met during previous conferences and meeting some new interesting people! For me, most conferences are still about meeting with equally smart or smarter people within the world of search I’m working in. Conferences like these, keep your thoughts about what your doing most of the time, fresh and tricks you into thinking differently. The day it self was filled with interesting sessions and I summed up a few of them. I will update the post once all the slideshare decks are available.
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The Future of Search – Race Expo Moscow 2014

Search engines like Yandex, Google and Baidu are rapidly changing these days. More and more, engineers try to imitate human behaviour and try to use user experience as a signal, compared to the old fashioned link graph way of ranking pages in their indices. Not only have we seen interesting developments like Yandex Islands and Google’s Knowledgde graph, but also social is starting to play a growing role in the technology behind search. Human search behaviour has changed considerably.

Together with the crowd, I’ll explore the world behind search engines and try to create an understanding of how search engines are working, how the future of search will be shaped and how one as an affiliate marketeer can make use of it.