WordPress plugin: Track ChatGPT Hits

Due to high demand I decided to make a user friendly version of tracking known OpenAI bot hits. This WordPress plugin tracks URL requests by the ChatGPT / OpenAI bots and direct user actions by tracking request made by specific user agents.

You can download the plugin at https://www.notprovided.eu/area51/track-chatgpt-v_1_0.zip – You can simply upload the folder track-chatgpt to your plugin directory via sFTP or use the WordPress plugin interface to upload the ZIP.

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Quickly merge Excel files, spreadsheets or tabs with VBA

Sometimes you just need to merge hundreds of Excel files into one. For CSV files you can easily use the Command Prompt, for Excel you’ll need some VBA scripting. Working with many individual files can be time consuming so use below VBA scripts to merge individual XLS-files into one or combine multiple tabs into one sheet. Simply go to the Visual Basic Editor (Alt / Fn + F11), add a new module and run the script. An easy to understand tutorial can be found at The Excel VBA editor.
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The danger of content marketing for SEO

google-panda-updateMany articles have been written about content marketing in the past years, online marketers are sometimes completely obsessed about content marketing. Because of several projects I did during the past 12 months and all those people using “Content is King” whenever possible, I would like to discuss some of the factors content marketing has an impact on. These factors are not commonly considered by everyone involved in online marketing campaigns.

Due to the fast-paced development of Google, where there has been more focus on the quality of content and websites by developing algorithmic filters like Panda, many websites have produced enormous amounts of textual content on their domains. A lot of websites are still targeting specific queries with unique pages instead of targeting a specific group of people. In the company of the latest updates of Google’s algorithms, where Panda is one of them, some problems start to occur. From a technical point of view, more content is not always positively influencing the organic results.

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