Google’s knowledge base 2.0: the Knowledge Vault – #brightonseo

Building the biggest knowledge graph, in layman terms an information database, of all time. That is what Google is researching at this moment. New details were presented during the annual “Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) conference” in New York two weeks ago. Behind the screens of corporations like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM are similar systems being developed. It’s a race towards the first database which archives all human knowledge.

The original paper: Knowledge Vault: A Web-Scale Approach to Probabilistic Knowledge Fusion – Link:

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From structured data to rich snippets and social media optimisation

A lot of people have heard about structured data but not that many are fully familiar with the possibilities and tricks you should know. A lot of different terms are used to described the way websites can make use of the movement towards a semantic web, a movement which the web is under going to at the moment.

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