Baidu copies Google AMP and launches MIP (Mobile Instant Pages)

During the past few months Baidu has been busy with copying Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project) and late August they launched MIP, also known as Mobile Instant Pages.

The concept of MIP is basically the same as Google AMP: create an additional page while using only specific HTML markup, hosted JS libraries and a just a predefined set of elements are allowed in combination with local caching. This creates a better user experience due to faster loading content. It is not known yet when Baidu is going to put MIP results into all their search engine result pages: this will probably take another few weeks since they just launched and almost no websites have created MIP pages yet. For some queries, like Olympic Games related keywords, MIP results do show up (link) Another item on the massive to do list next to building AMP pages for many content driven organisations. Example via Dragonmetrics blog:


Why MIP next to AMP?

Censorship: it is likely most users can’t access Google’s servers that host AMP versions.

Documentation and more

– Official (Chinese) guide: MIP Documentation
– Validator: external via NPM package mip-validator 1.2.11 or use the tool within Baidu Webmaster tools
– Pages ready? You need to submit then Submit MIP Pages


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