Yandex Islands, interactive search results

Two weeks ago Yandex’s co-founder Ilya Segalovich announced the next step by Yandex: building more interactive sreach result pages. Search engines like Google and Bing are already displaying dynamic information from external sources. Google has the system called Knowlegde Graph which they use to answer question type queries by adding an extra block of information to the right side of the search result pages. Visit the project page for information. We are familiar with the rich snippets and author pictures in Google and Bing but Yandex is going to take this kind of functionality one step further by making this data interactive.

For example, if someone searches for a doctor, Yandex may display a calendar from a local clinic, with time slots available for booking. The user will be able to book an appointment directly from the search results page.

Yandex Search Result

This version of Yandex will be launched in July but you can already preview the system:

All this information will be based on information the Yandex robot can crawl from your website. Considering this, be sure you implement every possible kind of data markup, preferably with markup, so you website is future proof and can take full advantage of the possibilities search engines will offer in the upcoming years.

Update 03-06-2013: Stateofsearch, Bas van den Beld, published an interesting blog about the personalisation options Yandex is offering.

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