A Negative SEO workshop, you should take one too!

During the BrightonSEO conference in April 2013, I met Julia Logan, also known as Irish Wonder (or should I turn that around? 🙂 ). She is well known for her articles on all kinds of SEO related techniques, most of them which are in the grey or black area. She invited me to join her workshop on Negative SEO the day after the conference.

Since Julia came out of the dark last year, she is making people aware of the fact that there is happening much more than people want to believe. Negative SEO for example, does really exist and can be a realistic threat for your online businesses. Luckily for you, she is sharing her knowledge on the less known side of Search Engine Optimization.

During the workshop she shared some examples of how people are messing up their websites, just to show that not all negative movements in the SERPs are caused by other people spamming links to your website. Always first have a look at your own website! With the realistic scenario of being surprised by a competitor through negative SEO, it is really important to monitor your link profile daily. Of course you can use some tools for that: Majestic SEO has a very up to date database of links.

I’m not going to share the complete workshop with you: if you ever have a chance to take part in one of her workshops, you definitely should do! I have always said that you need to know the tactics and techniques of Blackhat SEO to be an excellent SEO. Since the Penguin updates really focus on linkquality, negative SEO is something you should not ignore.

Source: Irishwonder’s Black Hat SEO Blog

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