Interesting Dutch SERPs for hotel {destination}

This morning I was checking some hotel related keywords in different country specific Google databases. There was some remarkable behavior taking place in the Dutch search engine result pages. First of all, searching for the following key phrases [hotel {random destination}] returned just three results besides the Google local results which are standard for every language and every country. Clicking to page two, to get more results because you can’t find a satisfying result within the regular three options, and returning to page 1 gives you 10 results for the first page. I think this is happening because you already saw the next ten results, so Google serves more options once you return to the first pages and makes it easy for you to choose.

Page 1Page 2Return Page 1
 hotelmadridserp-page1 hotelmadridserp-page2

I was not able to replicate this behavior in any other language. What do you think of this behavior?

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