What I learned about SEO from using the 10 most used JS frameworks #brightonseo

JavaScript will define and impact the future of most SEO consultants. A big chunk of websites has, is or will move over to a JS framework driven platform. Stack Overflow published an extensive study about the data gathered from an enquiry amongst more than 100.000 professional programmers’ most used Programming, Scripting and Markup languages: read more at Most Popular Technologies The outcome is quite clear, it’s all about JavaScript today:

But JavaScript and search engines are a tricky combination. It turns out there is a fine line between successful and disastrous implementations. Below I will share 10 tips to prevent SEO disasters to happen with your own or your clients sites.

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Rendering on the Web – The SEO Version

Last week Google published a handy overview about Rendering on the Web in their developers section. It is aimed at developers needing to make a decision about the architecture they will use for their JavaScript driven applications. The main decision that affects logic within apps is the way rendering is set up. SSR, CSR, Rehydration and prerendering: they describe the different terminology in detail and align the advantages or disadvantages of using the different scenario’s. This overview is resulting in the following handy table:

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