How a medical site recovered from the Google Medic / EAT updates

  • Put all EAT related To-do’s on the backlog
  • Have a meeting with the developers
  • Developers are extremely busy with real improvements
  • Google will put the site back due to EAT-related To-do’s being present in the backlog
  • Happy holidays, Merry Christmas!

SEO Quick wins: finding meta data optimisation opportunities with Data Studio

Many of my (former) clients have great content teams working on optimizing websites. Sending them a spreadsheet of data with some fancy click through ratios for keywords or URLs that perform better or worse than other datapoints will not get them enthousiastic at all. Sending them a fancy interactive graph in Data Studio will get them to work (not a 100% success ratio!) on boring things like optimizing meta descriptions and titles. So how can you spend 5 minutes of your time on Data Studio and make your life as a marketer much easier? Follow the instructions below.

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